The Ardent Swarm by Yamen Manai

The Ardent Swarm by Yamen ManaiFrom an award-winning Tunisian author comes a stirring allegory about a country in the aftermath of revolution and the power of a single quest.

Sidi lives a hermetic life as a bee whisperer, tending to his beloved “girls” on the outskirts of the desolate North African village of Nawa. He wakes one morning to find that something has attacked one of his beehives, brutally killing every inhabitant. Heartbroken, he soon learns that a mysterious swarm of vicious hornets committed the mass murder—but where did they come from, and how can he stop them? If he is going to unravel this mystery and save his bees from annihilation, Sidi must venture out into the village and then brave the big city and beyond in search of answers.

Along the way, he discovers a country and a people turned upside down by their new post–Arab Spring reality as Islamic fundamentalists seek to influence votes any way they can on the eve of the country’s first democratic elections. To succeed in his quest, and find a glimmer of hope to protect all that he holds dear, Sidi will have to look further than he ever imagined.

In this brilliantly accessible modern-day parable, Yamen Manai uses a masterful blend of humor and drama to reveal what happens in a country shaken by revolutionary change after the world stops watching.

Make Your Portraits Magic by Jake Garn

Make Your Portraits Magic by Jake  GarnWin one of ELEVEN SIGNED author copies of this BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHY book.

This full color paperback is designed to simplify the technical knowledge of the digital camera. Instead of being overwhelmed with technicalities you can focus on growing your passion to create captivating images!

Even though it is designed for the DSLR camera owner in mind, the principles discussed are universal. This book remains approachable to everyone who wants to take better pictures, no matter the camera or genre.

Author and photographer Jake Garn takes you through examples of technique with hundreds of his own whimsical fashion images alongside images created by photographers’ from history.

By the time you are through with the book you will understand more fully the creative potential of your camera, some historical context in the art of photography, and also have the opportunity to shoot your own photo assignment to solidify what you have learned.

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Mary Jane by Jessica Anya Blau

Mary Jane by Jessica Anya BlauEnter for a chance to win 1 of 100 advance copies of Mary Jane!

Almost Famous meets Daisy Jones and the Six in this funny, wise, and tender novel about a fourteen-year-old girl’s coming of age in 1970s Baltimore, caught between her straight-laced family and the progressive family she nannies for—who happen to be secretly hiding a famous rock star and his movie star wife for the summer.

“Funny, sad, sharp, charming, surprising, big-hearted and true both to its characters and its time.” — Nick Hornby

Milk Fed by Melissa Broder

Milk Fed by Melissa BroderEnter for a chance to win one of 75 finished copies of Milk Fed by Melissa Broder, author of The Pisces and So Sad Today.

Rachel is twenty-four, a lapsed Jew who has made calorie restriction her religion. By day, she maintains an illusion of existential control, by way of obsessive food rituals. Rachel meets Miriam, a zaftig young Orthodox Jewish woman who works at her favorite frozen yogurt shop and is intent upon feeding her. Rachel is suddenly and powerfully entranced by Miriam—by her sundaes and her body, her faith and her family—and as the two grow closer, Rachel embarks on a journey marked by mirrors, mysticism, mothers, milk, and honey.

Pairing superlative emotional insight with unabashed vivid fantasy, Broder tells a tale of appetites: physical hunger, sexual desire, spiritual longing, and the ways that we as humans can compartmentalize these so often interdependent instincts.

In the words of Melissa Febos "No one writes about love like Melissa Broder."

Widowish by Melissa Gould

Widowish by Melissa  GouldMelissa Gould’s hopeful memoir of grieving outside the box and the surprising nature of love.

When Melissa Gould’s husband, Joel, was unexpectedly hospitalized, she could not imagine how her life was about to change. Overwhelmed with uncertainty as Joel’s condition tragically worsened, she offered him the only thing she could: her love and devotion. Her dedication didn’t end with his death.

Left to resume life without her beloved husband and raise their young daughter on her own, Melissa soon realized that her and Joel’s love lived on. Melissa found she didn’t fit the typical mold of widowhood or meet the expectations of mourning. She didn’t look like a widow or act like a widow, but she felt like one. Melissa was widowish.

Melissa’s personal journey through grief and beyond includes unlikely inspiration from an evangelical preacher, the calming presence of some Real Housewives, and the unexpected attention of a charming musician.

A modern take on loss, Widowish illuminates the twists of fate that break our world, the determination that keeps us moving forward, and the surprises in life we never see coming.

Not My Match by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Not My Match by Ilsa Madden-MillsWall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills delivers a smart and sexy romance about a professional football hottie and the girl he’s sworn to never touch.

Homeless and heartbreakingly innocent, Giselle Riley walks into my penthouse and chaos follows.

I shouldn’t have invited the girl genius to live with me, but it’s clear she needs my help—not only for a place to lay her pretty blonde head but in finding real love, which she’s not going to get with the crazy men she picks up online.

Too bad she’s a twenty-four-year-old virgin and I’m a bad boy wide receiver. She’s off limits for a hardcore player like me—and we’re just friends.

Instead, I’m her matchmaking service, no matter how jealous it makes me when I tag along on her dates.

I can keep my self-control. Right? No way will I give in to everything inside me that dreams of a girl like her in my world.

I may be the best wide receiver in the country, but how could I hold on to a girl like her?

The Fourth Time Charm by Maya Hughes

The Fourth Time Charm by Maya HughesEnter to win a paperback of The Fourth Time Charm, a best friends to lovers standalone romance!

My best friend. My new roommate. My coach’s daughter.

She’s the one. Impossibly gorgeous, insanely smart, incredibly off-limits. I’ve loved Marisa Saunders since our junior year of high school. She was there for me through the worst time of my life and literally saved my dad’s.

But coming to Fulton U meant her dad would be my football coach. And you know what they say about the football coach’s daughter. If you touch her, you’re riding the bench for the rest of your career.

So I’ve bided my time and kept myself firmly in the friend zone, but it heats up like the end zone when Marisa becomes my new roommate. Now fighting against all the feelings I have for her is harder than ever.

When she looks at me and asks me to kiss her, I’m lost. The one woman who can turn me inside out with a look is in my bed.

There’s only one problem. We can’t let Coach find out or we’re both toast.

Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia

Of Women and Salt by Gabriela  GarciaEnter for a chance to win an ARC of OF WOMEN AND SALT!

“Gabriela Garcia captures the lives of Cuban women in a world to which they refuse to surrender and she does so with precision and generosity and beauty.” - Roxane Gay, bestselling author of Hunger and Bad Feminist

A sweeping, masterful debut about a daughter's fateful choice, a mother motivated by her own past, and a family legacy that begins in Cuba before either of them were born.

By the Neck by William W. Johnstone

By the Neck by William W. JohnstoneEnter for your chance to win a copy of BY THE NECK by William W. Johnstone!

Rollie Finnegan is a man of few words. As a Pinkerton agent with two decades of experience under his belt, he uses his stony silence to break down suspects and squeeze out confessions. Hence the nickname Stoneface. Over the years, he’s locked up plenty of killers. Now he’s ready to make a killing—for himself . . .

There’s gold in the mountains of Idaho Territory. And the town of Boar Gulch is a golden opportunity for a tough guy like Finnegan. But when he arrives, the local saloon owner is gunned down in cold blood—and Finnegan makes a cold calculation of his own. Instead of working in a mine, he’ll buy the saloon. Instead of gold, he’ll mine the miners. And instead of getting dirty, he’ll clean up this grimy little boomtown once and for all—with his own brand of Stoneface justice . . .

Wings Over Ghost Creek by A.W. Baldwin

Wings Over Ghost Creek by A.W. BaldwinEnter for a chance to win one of 20 copies of Wings Over Ghost Creek, recipient of the 2020 Grand Master Adventure Writer's Finalist Award. NYT bestselling author Dirk Cussler says it's "a return of the mysterious hermit Relic...a page-turning thriller." Reader's Favorite calls it "a beautifully written thriller [with] funny, zippy dialogue." Owen discovers a murdered corpse at a college run archaeological dig in the Utah outback but when he and a park service pilot try to reach the sheriff for help, their plane is shot from the sky. Owen must ditch the aircraft in the Colorado River, where he is saved by a gin-brewing recluse named Relic. The offbeat pair flee from the sniper and circle back to warn the students but not everyone there is who they seem... The two must trek through rugged canyon country, unravel a baffling mystery, and foil a remarkable form of thievery. Suzy, a student at the dig, helps spearhead their escape, but the unique team of crooks has a surprise for them... Can a moonshining hermit and a reluctant pilot uncover the truth and escape an archaeology field class that hides assassins and dealers in black-market treasure?

Duchess If You Dare by Anabelle Bryant

Duchess If You Dare by Anabelle BryantEnter for your chance to win a copy of DUCHESS IF YOU DARE by Anabelle Bryant!

Scarlett Wynn’s tragic childhood taught her that life can be cruel to women with little power. So when a local seamstress disappears, Scarlett vows to find out why. Armed with a weapon and her courage, Scarlett scours London for clues—and crosses the unlikely path of Ambrose Cross, the Duke of Aylesford, at an unlikely place: an upscale brothel. The Duke is trying to solve a mystery of his own, and Scarlett is sure they can help each other—if she can resist the attraction that draws them together . . .

As Duke of Aylesford, Ambrose is duty-bound to protect his family name from scandal no matter the cost. But Scarlett’s fearless spirit forces him to look beyond his world of privilege. Scarlett is as intoxicating as she is dangerous, igniting a fire in him like no other. But when the pair learn both mysteries they’re trying to solve are tied to a string of missing women, the tangled scheme they uncover may put their lives, and their growing love, in mortal danger—and lead them to search their hearts like never before . . .

The Wedding Game by Meghan Quinn

The Wedding Game by Meghan QuinnUSA Today bestselling author Meghan Quinn’s latest bauble is the charming story of a crafting queen battling a jaded divorce lawyer on a wedding reality show.

Luna Rossi is a veritable crafting genius—she can bedazzle and bead so hard her Etsy site is one of the hottest in the world. So it’s only natural that Luna would convince her brother and his husband-to-be to compete on The Wedding Game, a “do-it-yourself” TV show, for the title of Top DIY Wedding Expert.

As a jaded divorce lawyer, Alec Baxter scoffs at weddings and romance. But when his recently engaged brother begs him to participate in The Wedding Game, Alec grudgingly picks up a glue gun and prepares for some family bonding.

Both fierce competitors, Luna and Alec clash on national TV as harsh words and glitter fly with abandon. But as they bicker over color swatches and mood boards, they find themselves fighting something else: their growing mutual attraction. While Luna is torn between family loyalty and her own feelings, Alec wonders if he might have been wrong about love and marriage all along…

Never Got Over You by S.L. Scott

Never Got Over You by S.L. ScottEnter for your chance to win 1 of 3 signed Never Got Over You paperbacks.

The universe shifts and our stars realign.


I’d sworn off men. And then I met Nick Christiansen.

Technically, I fell for him, literally, the moment I landed in his quarterback-sized arms and looked into those soulful eyes. I blame the rum. Or was it tequila?

Spoiler alert: It was those delectable dimples.

Either way, Nick was stupidly handsome and ridiculously charming. He held me like he cared and listened to me like I mattered. Captivated by great conversation and rock-hard abs, Nick had me reconsidering the “No Men” promise I’d made myself.

I still regret walking away the next day.


I can’t stop thinking about the one who got away. But then I run right into Natalie St. James.

She’s still unwittingly gorgeous, if not more so, and as wildly quirky as I remember.

Sidebar: She’s on a date.

What do I expect? For her to still be thinking about me?

I still regret what happens next.

We didn’t get the love story we deserved the first time, then I screwed up our second chance. When the universe shifts and our stars realign, is the third time a charm?